You want to connect your sensors to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), but you are afraid of high costs and depending on a company?

Commercial sensors and IoT platforms do not fit into the budget for small producers, non-profit institutions, and private users. Besides, your data can get locked into proprietary software, and you have to buy upgrades and replacement parts from the same vendor. 

However, for our research projects in ecology and agriculture 4.0, we needed an IoT platform which is:

  • scalable (1-1000+ IoT units)
  • 100% open 
  • simple and cost-efficient

Therefore, we developed the open IoT infrastructure MeteoMex: 

Internet-of-Things integration of MeteoMex

In this project, we also appreciate that the users have different priorities:

  1. IoT users simply want to adopt the technology. 
  2. Makers additionally wish to enhance their skills.
  3. Developers want to build their custom IoT platform.

The MeteoMex units use microcontroller boards and industrial sensors, which are of low cost and globally available, e.g., from Amazon, eBay, or Mercado Libre. Therefore, parts for enhancements and repair are quickly accessible. For makers and developers, we provide free technical documentation and kits.  

The MeteoMex platform is modular, and you only buy the components and services you need, and from the provider you prefer.

You can set-up your own server or use the MeteoMex IoT server (datacenter in Germany). We also can build and program your IoT systems and deliver them as a Plug and Play solution.  

In any case, you have full access to your data.


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