MeteoMex aeria

With the MeteoMex aeria, climate parameters and air quality can be monitored. 

Internet-of-Things integration

The following ThingsBoard dashboard shows the environmental monitoring of a MeteoMex aeria in Irapuato, Mexico (1,990 meters above sea level). 

CLICK HERE for the live dashboard.

ThingsBoard Dashboard Ira 1990

The actual device looks like this. For protecting the outdoor sensor from rain, housing was built from a plastic beaker. The assembly of this device and its integration into ThingsBoard is described in a detailed Instructable.

MeteoMex aeria with low-cost housing

Circuit design

MeteoMex aeriaFor data processing and WiFi connections, a Wemos D1 Mini board is used. The I2C bus is used for data transfer from the sensor chips. 

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) was created, which facilitates the correct mounting of two sensor boards:

1) The Bosch BME280 sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. Thus, using this chip is sufficient for a simple weather station.

2) A CCS811 sensor adds the capability to detect low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC). It also can be used to monitor indoor air quality.

The Fritzing circuit design and example programs are available from the MeteoMex GitHub repository.





  • Air quality monitoring (indoor/ outdoor) in industries, research, and cities. Environmental protection and work safety (e.g. detection of spilled organic solvents).
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouses, agriculture 4.0, storage of food and valuable materials, air-conditioned rooms, and operation of sensitive technology such as high-performance computer clusters.
  • Reduction of energy consumption by monitoring and adjusting temperature settings in heating and cooling.