MeteoMex terra

The MeteoMex terra was designed to monitor soil moisture and temperature in research and agriculture 4.0.

Internet-of-Things integration

The following ThingsBoard dashboard shows the monitoring of a greenhouse in Irapuato, Mexico, using 2 MeteoMex units. On the left side, air parameters (MeteoMex aeria) are displayed, on the right side, the soil parameters (MeteoMex terra). Since the WiFi connection of the greenhouse is bad, Wemos D1 Pro boards with external antenna are used for a stable IoT connection. The data help to optimize automated irrigation and ventilation.

CLICK HERE for the live dashboard.

ThingsBoard Greenhouse

2 MeteoMex in the Greenhouse

The two MeteoMex devices use the same USB power supply (the battery connectors of the aeria PCB are used for powering the terra unit). 

Circuit design

MeteoMex terra circuit and PCB
For data processing and WiFi connections, a Wemos D1 Mini board is used.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is designed for connecting two sensors: 

1) Analog soil moisture sensor.

2) Digital DS18B20 temperature sensor (water-resistant).

The Fritzing circuit design and example programs are available from the MeteoMex GitHub repository.





Greenhouse management, optimization of irrigation (garden, parks, smart farming), agriculture 4.0, research.

The use of different analog and digital sensors is possible. And you also can use it for monitoring temperature and water level in a fish tank ;-).

Monitoring fish tank