Frequently Needed Answers

  • What about the sustainability of MeteoMex products?
    The Wemos is one the smallest boards with WiFi; it weighs 3 g, In continuous operation, it consumes only some Wh per day (with Deep Sleep even less), compared to some kWh e.g. of a wastewater treatment plant (=1/1000); In a realistic scenario you can save 10-20% of energy by optimizing the operation, corresponding to a complete domestic solar panel! 
  • Help, my country is not on the billing/ shipping options!
    No problem, just contact us.
  • Why don't you send me a fancy box and housing for the MeteoMex?
    We want to contribute to a more conscious use of natural resources. Thus, we want to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. If you need special housing (e.g. for underwater-use), we find a solution.
  • How long is the shipping time?
    It depends on the availability of the components. We don't have a large stock. Shipping with DHL takes 3-4 days; But if we are out-of-stock, it could take up to 4 weeks until you get your delivery. Please tell us, if you need the MeteoMex urgently.
  • I need a PCB for a special sensor; Can you build it?
    You can mount any analogue sensor to the terra board. If you want a special PCB that is not in our shop yet, we can design and produce it. The time and cost would depend on the complexity of the circuit and the possible need in the community.
  • What are your next MeteoMex projects?
    Currently, I work on a MeteoMex terra with SD-card data logging and a real-time clock (we need this for a research project in a very remote location without WiFi and electric power supply). The USB-version is working, but this device should also work some months on battery or solar energy. Other projects, such as a (waste)water kit and an electric current kit are on the to-do list. If you have ideas or priorities, please contact us.
  • Can I pay with BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies?
    No. I am working in public research and education. We pay taxes.
  • Can you send me an official invoice?
    Yes. We also supply public institutions in Mexico and fulfill their administrative requirements.
  • Do you have discounts, reduced shipping rates, or can you make me a special offer?
    Yes, we can prepare you a personal quotation. Please get in touch with us.